My Story

My life is a kaleidoscope of experiences, stories, poetry, music, dance, health, and social activism. I fit no genre or specific market, and my ideal customer, I’m still looking for you. But, on the winter solstice of 2014, I offered my works to the world.

I’ve made my intentions and set my goals. Some have called me a dakini and a bodhisattva, and yes I aspire to those ideals but it may take more than one lifetime. What I do know is that being blessed to live on this earth more decades than many, in good health and sound mind, all I can continue to do is to share all of the blessings I have received.

At this stage in my life, I acknowledge that every passing day brings me closer to that ultimate wonder material life wants us to fear. But, it is this knowledge that every now moment is precious that propels me to do more than simply work a job, save my money, blog for my own pleasure, and prepare for retirement.

Decades ago, in my naive and trusting twenties, I was told, more than once, that I would achieve fame and wealth in my old age. Well, the only thing that has arrived is old age, which leaves me at the point of saying now is the time for me to step on the world stage without fear.

The world appears to be falling apart and we are, indeed, as foretold by many indigenous peoples and religions, in a time of trouble and negativity. But, this is simply a time of transition. I know that light always rises to the top, that the only evil that exists is in minds poisoned by greed, ignorance, and hatred.

I know the scientific and spiritual reality of the unifying force of emptiness. This energetic consciousness sustains all, never ends.

Skywalker Storyteller works to spread the light of true reality.

We’re more than consumers, more than fleeting emotions and ambitions. We are sacred beings with energetic eternal consciousness.

We have the power and ability to create our own worlds. So, I strive to share my world as an example to you of what you can do.

I trust you will take time to continue to read my blogs, watch my videos, read my books, and dance with me as I fly exploring the realm of compassion, creativity, and social progress.

22 Comments on “My Story”

  1. Hi Skywalker, I came by to visit. Thanks many for commenting on my blog. Alaska sounds wonderful. I love listening to Audio Dharma, so I’m also really interested in Buddhist philosophy also. Will follow you too. Happy Holidays!

  2. Congratulations Skywalker! You’ve done a great job with the new site – crisp, clean, easy to read – in short, delightful. I hope you achieve all your goals for the coming year. Blessings.

    • Thanks Shery. But, the only credit I really deserve is being smart enough to find what template another blogger was using and spend the money to get one for myself. But, I really do appreciate your observations. I’m really very happy with it. By the way, Happy Holidays.

  3. Hello, Skywalker! I’ve nominated your blog for the ‘Real Neat Blog Award.’ You can learn more about it here:

    Feel free to participate, or not. If you have the time, pass the award on by nominating other worthy blogs.

    Meanwhile: ‘Congratulations! You’ve got a Real Neat Blog!’


  4. Hello Beautiful –

    This statement alone has helped me at this moment in time:
    “I know that light always rises to the top, that the only evil that exists is in minds poisoned by greed, ignorance, and hatred.”

    Thank you, thank you and thank you! And, thanks for stopping by my blog and blessing me with your grace.

  5. Hi: I finally got to check your site. Congratulations! I love it! What you share is very direct, simple but at the same time, very profound. I will read it again to dig deeper. Thank you.


  6. Your 3 minute video caught my attention on my other blog at Tracesofthesoul. I look forward to reading more. In your 3 minutes I have to jot down some of the names so I can read more on these amazing people. Bless you for enlightening the world.

      • Thank you. I miss living in Toronto in February, on several street corners there was someone handing out an extensive bibliography for Black History Month. Now I’ve discovered your blog 🙂

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