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What Are YOU Grateful for Today?

Photo by Brian Payne “. . . Gratitude is happiness doubled by wonder.” G. K. Chesterton Today I am grateful for – being filled with the joy of sharing another year of life with my loving husband celebrating the birth of a new nephew gazing on clear blue skies over a placid bay with eagles and […]

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Your One Super Power Subdues All

Begin your Gratitude Practice Today Gratitude overcomes pain, despair, grief, depression, poverty, and heartache. You can wake up feeling as if your life has no purpose or meaning. But, you look out upon a clear blue sky, gaze on fields of colorful flowers, watch eagles glide on wind waves. Thank you flows from your heart, […]

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Life in Alaska – Two Year Reflections – No. 1

Yesterday, July 18th, was our second year anniversary of living in Homer, Alaska. I’ve shared some of our experiences in past blogs. But, since I’ve been on a minor hiatus of posting, I felt this would be a good way to return to consistent communication. Every now and then, I’ll share reflections written during our first few months […]

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