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Thank You Haiku to My Readers

In the past few weeks the kind comments I’ve received from many readers, and an increasing number of likes have made me feel that my writing is reaching and touching readers and fellow writers. So today, I want to thank all of you who take time to read my poetry, stories, and occasional observations. I […]

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Ghazal #1 – The Imperfect Rhyme Scheme

The Ghazal (pronounced ghuzzel) is a poetic style from the Middle East which I learned about in 2001. I wrote only a few and then revised several of them years later. This is the first one I wrote and I don’t know if it’s a revision or not.  I called it imperfect, because this one […]

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Illimitable Beauty

Magic happened when I saw my writing in publication, even if it’s just a Kindle Singles. I have a published work. Maybe I’m just one of thousands of Amazon writers, but I can say I have a book for sale. The magic is like fairy dust sprinkled over me making me feel golden and light. […]

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