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Rigzen Chomo is a Tibetan name meaning Feminine Ocean Holding Great Knowledge given to me when I took refuge as a Buddhist.  But, I am mostly known as Skywalker.

However, my first published book of poetry, I Am that We May Be, was published under the name Damali Bashira which means the Bringer of Good Tidings of a Beautiful Vision. Experiences and travel between that first publication and my latest book, The Ultimate Wonder, World Stories Illuminating Death influenced my name changes.  I have lived and worked in Chicago, IL, New York City, Denver, CO, Austin, TX, Des Moines, IA and other small towns.

In addition to being a writer, I am a professional oral storyteller, and registered nurse. To get the whole scoop on who I am, visit my website skywalkerstoryteller.com

29 Comments on “About Rigzenchomo”

  1. I am honored that you are following my blog. I hope you will find something that I write that will interest you. Blessings~David

  2. I’ve been reading your recent posts, and I am really enjoying your poetry. I like your simple language and heart. You wrote that you published a volume of poetry in the 70s; what has been the life of your poems since then? Also, as another practitioner on the Path, I’m curious, if you don’t mind sharing, how did you discover Dharma? Who are your teachers?

    I first started meditating when I was a teenager, travelling in New Zealand. I met a biologist who was also a Buddhist, and we had conversations that really hooked me into the teachings. That same person directed me to the Karma Kagyu center in my hometown, and it has been the anchor for my practice ever since. I love the closeness with teachers it provides and the blend of profound philosophy with practical application. I feel like the journey begins every day anew, though I guess it’s every moment, really. 🙂

    • My teacher is Shephen Dawa Rinpoche, Nyingma, son of Jigdrel Dorje. Their website is Tersar.org. Met him and took refuge in Denver, Colorado over 15 years ago. I’m also a supportor of FPMT and have learned a lot from their Mandala Magazine and teachings of Lama Zopa. My first introduction was Zen, but found it too austere. Have been consistently practicing since my first empowerment – constantly growing. Follow my blog and you’ll learn more and we can both grow together. Thanks for your interest and reading the poetry.

  3. What a lovely blog. And thank you for being there with mine.
    I would love to read your e-book when it is avaiable. Please do let me know. I am sure, going by your blog, it will be fantastic. Where do you live? Anywhere near India?
    Please be in touch on blogosphere!

    • I am moving to Alaska next week, so maybe a little closer than living in Arizona. If you’re following my blog, you’ll read when my new book is available. In the meantime, I have a fictional Kindle Single, Illimitable Beauty, on Amazon, you may enjoy. Thanks for your kind comment.

      • Will “follow” you to Alaska, who knows even literally coz I believe it’s a beautiful place. Just my kind

      • Hi, my blog is up again, thought I will let you know. By mistake wordpress had deactivated it.

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  5. A pleasure to correspond with a published writer, appreciate you taking the time to read the nutty post.

    Is there any state in the States you haven´t been in?(wink)

    Lived myself in NY, and was there during 9-11 terrorist attack, not in the city but in the outskirts. New York, would love to get back there.

    I like the names you chose, the meaning of them.

  6. Somehow, I missed this introduction to you. I’m finding this WordPress to be a great place to get to know some truly astounding people.

  7. It was a circuitous route that brought me to your site. I rode through Des Moines this summer on a road trip, went home and started writing a blog, followed carolahand, whom referred your site through my WordPress Reader, and I am hoping to take a road trip to Alaska this coming summer (maybe). Enjoyed your site.

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