The Black history poem continues.


 © 2021 Skywalker & Brian Payne

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2 Comments on “ZINC COMICS SUPPLEMENT #010”

  1. Such an eloquent way to describe the powerful feeling of “otherness,” Skywalker. It echoes my feelings as the “dark child” born to a mother who was shamed because of her Ojibwe heritage, but my “tainting” was brownish, reminding my mother of her shame, suffering, and anger about the way she had been treated.

    • Hi, thanks for coming by. I wrote this poem when I was 14 and the only child of color in a high school of 300 girls. As I reflect on your thoughts, I never consciously felt “otherness.” I remembered feeling ignored, not considered, absent, invisible which may be synonyms for otherness. But this is an ongoing story-poem so I can’t say more now, want you to enjoy the slow visual telling.

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