Happy Fire Monkey New Year!

monkey-astrology Drawing from ravencypresswood.com

Today is the Tibetan New Year which I observe as a practitioner of Tibetan Buddhism.

May this new year bring you the fire of compassion and spiritual practice, the monkey playfulness of creativity and service.

8 Comments on “Happy Fire Monkey New Year!”

  1. My spirit is intrigued with this year’s subtle energies, and the stories of the “Fire Monkey” and “Monkey King” Hanuman!

    The previous cycle was 1956, and moments ago I did a cursory internet search for 1956 world events and found these:

    01 Jan -Sudan became independent from Britain. Northern Muslim parties took over rule.
    13 Jan -Lebanon and Syria signed a defense pact providing for joint retaliation against Israel if either was attacked.
    16 Jan -Egyptian Pres. Nasser pledged to reconquer Palestine. His government made Islam the state religion.
    19 Jan -The U.N. Security council voted unanimously to censure Israel for its attack on Syria (12/11/55) as a flagrant violation of the Palestine armistice.
    …Sudan became the 9th member of the Arab League.
    27 Jan -PhD. M.L. King Jr. receives a threatening phone call late in the evening, prompting a spiritual revelation that fills him with strength to carry on in spite of persecution.
    30 Jan -while King speaks at a mass meeting, his home is bombed. His wife and daughter are not injured. Later King addresses an angry crowd that gathers outside the house, pleading for nonviolence.
    03 Feb -Lawyers for the NAACP and the Montgomery Improvement Association (MIA) filed a petition in federal court challenging the city’s bus segregation ordnance.
    …Autherine Lucy (b.1929) arrived at the Tuscaloosa branch of the Univ. of Alabama and became the first black person to enroll there. She had been accepted in 1952 and then was denied because of her race.

    *06 Feb -The Univ. of Alabama board of trustees voted to suspend Autherine Lucy, the 1st black admitted to school, on the grounds that the campus was no longer safe for her.
    …French PM Guy Mollet was pelted with rotten tomatoes at a demonstration in Algiers. The French refer to this memorable event as “la journée des tomates.”
    [Now this could be the influence of the Fire Monkey! ~Ron]

    *02 Mar -Morocco tore up the Treaty of Féz and declared independence from France. A protocol on Moroccan independence was signed in Paris.
    [More of the Fire King’s influence? ~Ron]

    *03 Mar –Indonesian government of Harahap resigned.
    [This is more monkey business! LOL ~Ron]

    *05 Mar -“King Kong” was 1st televised.
    [*No brainer, here is a huge monkey story! ~Ron]

    09 Mar -British authorities arrested and deported Archbishop Makarios from Cyprus to the Seychelles. He was accused of supporting terrorists.

    10 Mar -A general strike in Cyprus protested the exile of archbishop Makarios.

    See more in the comments:

  2. Do You See Evidence Of The Fire Monkey?

    Kindling the Flames of Freedom…

    My wish is that ourstory grows to detect the subtle energies and influences in our lives.
    The arts, crafts, engineering, and healing modalities (consider Feng Shui and holistic medicine for example) can be enhanced with our greater knowledge and ability to detect the unseen on our journey to advance beyond this Age of Deception.

    Thank you for being here, and thank you for sharing 🙂

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