Animalia – A Unique Storytelling Performance

Animalia Poster

Tonight, 10/24/2015, I will perform in my first stage show in years. I tell a story for the finale of this unique fashion show/storytelling performance.

Homer has a 30 year history of annual wearable arts fashion shows. This year the conveners wanted to take a break and the Bunnell Arts Center needed a fund-raising project for the Arts-in-Schools Program.

Initially I had no intention of participating. I am not a fashion or mask designer. But when the artistic director of the Bunnell Arts Center, Asia Freeman, invited me to participate I thought I do tell animal stories.

Raven stories are plentiful among Alaska Natives and Raven is my totem. So I found several versions of the story of how Raven brought light to the world and adapted them into my own. It serves well as a finale story. All of the animals come out to see the new light.

I was quite surprised to see my name featured on the flyer. Aku-Matu, the guest featured Alaska Native teller, and I are the only speakers in the performance.

So, even though you can’t be here, visit this link, and send me a wish for an entertaining night.


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