A state of Monologue: Terror or Resistance

From a Palestinian mother a balanced and compassionate look at what is happening in Jerusalem now.

نادية حرحش

My sister: “ did you see that video? The news? They crucified that poor man. They left the little boy bleeding. They are inhuman. They are pathetic. They are criminals.

My Israeli friend: “ yes but, he tried to kill an Israeli? Do you think it is ok to kill Israelis?”

Between the two monologues, trying to convince my sister that it inhumane, true. But yet, we should think of the moment before. What if it was one of our children who were stabbed and the stabber is on the ground?

I was asking my Israeli friend in response: “ stabbing was not right. But killing and lynching was a normal response?

There is this gap where both sides stop seeing or comprehending the other side completely. As if it is a complete wired zone. No tolerance, no understanding, and a total sense of compassion are completely lost.

We are…

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1 Comments on “A state of Monologue: Terror or Resistance”

  1. The Israeli occupation of Palestine is illegal – and has been declared so by the UN Security Council. When you deny people legal options to redress the wrongs against them, they are left with no option but violence.

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