Guest Blogging South of the Border


My first guest post blog invitation came from Juan Manuel Rodriguez Bocanegra, creator of Haki Storytelling. Bocanegra is a business storyteller and lives in Colombia, South America. He connected with me on Linkedin and blogs about storytelling for business. The blog also features writers from around the world, such as Ameen Haque of the Storywallahs in India.

When Juan invited me to write a guest blog I was surprised. After reading several guest posts, I offered to write a series about how I became Skywalker Storyteller. Juan translated my blog into Spanish with the following introduction.


It is clear storytelling can not be converted into a step guide or a linear process because once we do that we lose authenticity and sincerity when telling our tale. Even though it is good to define our starting point and to know where we came from, we need to understand our origins. 

In the next piece, Skywalker Storyteller offers us a personal life story, where she narrates her origins. Like she said to me, “People want to know where a person came from.” The piece is really well written and has some powerful descriptions. After reading a couple of lines you get completely hooked to the narration. With that being said I leave you with her story.

Click this link to read, How I Became Skywalker Storyteller Part 1.

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6 Comments on “Guest Blogging South of the Border”

  1. Thank you for sharing this well-deserved recognition of your work, and your engaging and eloquently-told story, Skywalker. I look forward to the next installments.

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