Wonder Haiku 123

R:  131 G:  255 B:  160 X:54060 Y:17288 S:    0 Z:  233 F:   66

Photo by Skywalker Payne

5 Comments on “Wonder Haiku 123”

  1. My dear SkywalkerStoryteller, a lot of your haikus have imagery about death. Tell me about this. I don’t think it’s about depression (because you reveal a lot of enthusiasm about things!) – what’s you view on the Here-After?

    Of course, I understand completely if you choose not to answer. Peace, JoAnn

  2. Joann, my original Ultimate Wonder Haiku project was to write 350 haikus on the theme of death. As my e-book is “The Ultimate Wonder, World Stories Illuminating Death.” However, I found myself writing haikus that also reflect life and realized life and death are inextricably linked. And death does not depress me. As for my view on the Here-After, I’m a Budddhist. I believe I’m here for a purpose to purify negative karma, to practice compassion, to advance on the path of enlightenment to be able to truly benefit others. And yes, I believe in reincarnation. So, I know I will be returning again and again, because the quest to achieve enlightenment is a challenge, for one who has accumulated much negative karma in this and past lifetimes. But, I do think most of my haikus try to stimulate reflection, recognition, and acceptance of death as part of life.

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