A BookWorks Featured Author

Book Works Medallion

On Tuesday, 04/14/2015, I received a surprise e-mail. This week, BookWorks featured me on their home page, with a link to my profile. This designation is usually reserved for their paid premium members, which I haven’t become yet.

BookWorks is an association of self-published authors that provides a basic free membership. This membership gives access to a resources directory, book shop to sell your books, and service providers, among other benefits. Their “About” page offers a brief and thorough description of the association’s purpose.

BookWorks.com is a friendly, growing, international community for self-publishing authors and the professionals and companies who serve them. Our goal: to help our members Prepare, Publish and Promote their books, share what they learn and help each other. Our members include first time authors and seasoned pros, as well as experienced service providers and indie publishing experts who share their insider knowledge and guidance.

If you’re a self-published author, or planning to be one, this is an association well worth joining. And who knows, we may see your profile featured on BookWorks home page soon.


20 Comments on “A BookWorks Featured Author”

  1. Skywalker…

    What a wonderful recognition. You have been so steadfast, and such a shining example it is heartening that your efforts are recognized. Bravissima! Jackie

  2. Kudos to you! And thanks for sharing information bout this organization. My chapbook is self-published, although I think for my first “trade publication” I’ll go the traditional route.

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