Terror’s religion is Evil

Here are the words of a Muslim woman who speaks of compassion and causes.

نادية حرحش

Today was another day marked by many massacres that reached Paris. As the world would also ignore the massacres of tens in Yemen and probably others that were also massacred today in Syria and in Iraq, the cruel killing of the journalists in Paris only reminds us , that cruelty of crimes, especially those that end in massacres remain too painful and leave us always with bitterness.
A footage on the attack was released some moment ago showing the shooting, where two armed men stop the car in the middle of the road in front of the Newspaper building , kill the policemen in the street with cold blood ,and go back to their car and leave.
As usual the tone in blaming muslims and islamic terror groups started to fill the air . It could be more than sarcastic to have killed the Journalists not for the cartoons that…

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