New Entrepreneurs – Stop Clawing, Become Radiant

How often do you find yourself feeling like a cat clinging to a brick wall? Even though you dig your claws into the bricks and use every bit of strength to move forward, nothing happens. You are just stuck there clinging for dear life. And all you wanted to do was to climb to the top of that wall and bask in the sunshine.

As a new entrepreneur do you feel like a cat clinging to a wall ?

We receive so much advice to keep moving forward. Keep our Facebook posts current and engaging. Blog weekly or better yet daily. Get guest blogs, build our list, nurture our customers, create content of value. Check out this new webinar, beta test this new super-fast list building technology. Here’s a subliminal tape to bring abundance and wealth. Read this e-book for the ten tips to a successful launch.

And we’re trying to do all of this and work a full time job because we really don’t have a list and no matter what tricks we’ve learned about Facebook, our followers still won’t engage. Then one day, we wake up.

Sometimes we just have to stop.

We realize it’s time to stop clawing and clinging toward the top. We need to really look at how we’re spending our time, what results we’re getting or not getting, and where do we really want to go? With that realization a door opens and a clear pathway to launching our business opens.

Simply Radiant

Some people can bootstrap their on-line business. But, many of us need help. We need a facilitator and coach who is going to give us words of encouragement, point out our strong points, offer suggestions, and lay a foundation for us to grow our business. Cheryl Woodhouse is one of those people.

Coming from a corporate and public relations background, Cheryl decided that she wanted to use her skills and knowledge to help women successfully move through the maze of on-line entrepreneurship. Quickly she began her business Radiant and reached out to help others. After launching Radiant she began the organization International Society for Intuitive Entrepreneurs,ISIE.

It takes courage, commitment, and determination to succeed in any business. And when we can’t build a list, can’t get guest blogs, and can’t figure out how to make social media work, we need help. Cheryl is here to assist.

With her soft-spoken, supportive, positive phone consultations, Cheryl gave me the confidence to explore the possibility that I could start an on-line business. As a member of ISIE, I have gained valuable information and resources. Her pointed advice transformed a casual idea into the development of a strong opt-in offer.

So, jump off that brick wall. Take a look around and step onto a radiant stairwell. Her name is Cheryl and she offers a clear path into the sunlight of fulfilling entrepreneurial dreams.


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