How Superior is What’s on Your Plate?

Now, here is some food for thought.

Tiana the Fat Health Coach

Sunday's Frittata Dirty or clean? Organic or not? Healthy or junk?
Which labels apply here, do you think?

Warning: I may rant in this post.

Today I’d like to talk about food stigma. Good foods. Bad foods. Healthy foods. Junk foods. Clean foods. Blah blah blah blather.

Do you stigmatize your food? Do you carry with you a mental list of what is good and bad to eat?

How does it make you feel when you eat something from the “bad food” category? I’m sure your answer is a bit like mine used to be, “fantastic, elated, excited, until I realize what I have done and then feel badly about it.” Why is that?

Because of food stigma.

Why do we have to stigmatize our foods? When foods are categorically stigmatized we give them more power over us than they deserve. Eating a slice of chocolate cake should neither ruin your…

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