#5258 – Interview with Tomaj Javidtash

In this interview Tomaj touches on concepts that are the foundation for SACRED – http://sacred.center. It’s long but makes for enlightening week-end listening.


Edited by Jerry Katz

Tomaj Javidtash is the author of Non-Dual Perspectives on Quantum Physics: A Layman’s Guide, which you may learn more about at his website www.tomajjavidtash.com

Tomaj is an Iranian-American author and physicist currently pursuing his graduate studies in theoretical physics at the University of Maryland. His area of research is foundational issues of Quantum Physics. His undergraduate major was physics along which he also obtained a minor in mathematics.

His writings are motivated by his discovery of shared truths underlying three different disciplines of Quantum Physics, Advaita Vedanta Metaphysics, and Husserl’s Transcendental Phenomenology.

Transcendental Phenomenology is a modern embodiment of Advaita Vedanta metaphysics; and Quantum Physics is an experimental contribution to their truths advocating the primacy of consciousness in the nature of reality which is essentially non-dual.

Favorite Books:
Vasistha Yoga
Physics and Philosophy by Werner Heisenberg
Cartesian Meditations by Edmund Husserl


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