Wonder Haiku 70

Wonder Haiku 70

10 Comments on “Wonder Haiku 70”

  1. I woke feeling very ill and strange late in the night of the eclipse – luckily it passed by morning – your haiku describes how I felt. Life is short.

      • Yes I agree but I’m not sure just what the energy is right now – been a bit wobbly emotionally ever since. I ‘m going to a workshop tomorrow to make a Native American Medicine Drum – I think that will help me find balance in the new energies. Hope so anyway 🙂

  2. Love this one! Frailty is part of life as we age, but what a joy take advantage of what remains, to meander in the gifts this vast Ocean provides, be it a single drop of rain or the beautiful curl of a wave. Frailty slows us down so we can truly observe.

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