Is Something Missing in Your Life?

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Sometimes we feel something is missing in our lives.

The Problem

How many of us have turned to religion to fill that void and for a while it was meaningful. Or even now, we continue to go to church, or the mosque, or the temple. But, it has just become another routine in our lives, like going to work. The joy is gone, the purpose, the meaning. Or for some of us, we still have the joy but not the community.

Even those of us who are sincere practitioners of a religious or spiritual tradition often look at this world with dismay. Violence, poverty, greed, injustice, bigotry, racism, sexism, wars continue at an accelerating rate. But we get caught up in the daily demands of life to care for ourselves and our families. And so many of us, after 40 or more hours of work, rush to our homes, turn on the TV or stereo, eat, drink, or smoke to forget the problems of this world. Yet all the while, this nagging continues.

A Solution

We need to hear new stories.

Every religion on earth is based on story. Most of today’s religions center on stories of the achievements of outstanding men. In earlier times, religions were built around the spiritual accomplishments of women. But, today’s religions and their stories create a dichotomy, separation. The creator is above the created, the spiritual is better than the material, the sacred does not tolerate the profane, the relative truth is less than the absolute truth. How can we know wholeness with all of this separation?

Reclaim the Sacred

Each of us have our own stories. Too many of us have created stories to protect us from acknowledging the void in our lives. But, we can always create new stories. We can find stories in our families, our cultures, even in our religions that will guide, inspire and uplift us.

Although the word sacred stems from a Latin word associated with worshipping deities it also has the definition of highly valued and important.

Holding on to that definition, we can embark on the journey to reclaim the sacred for our selves, our families, and our world. Through eyes that see the sacred in all that lives and in this precious earth, we will find what has been missing in our lives.


2 Comments on “Is Something Missing in Your Life?”

  1. Brilliant words Skywalker – I really like the way you have expressed the quest towards the spiritual. You are so right when you say we need to reclaim the sacred but in a way that is personally meaningful.

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