Wonder Haiku 58

Wonder Haiku 58

3 Comments on “Wonder Haiku 58”

  1. Hi: Sorry that I haven’t been in touch for a while. I had started working (in a bakery) just to makes end meet and within a couple of days, I got a job in L&D at North Shore Hospital in Miami. I’m at work right now! I heard your voicemail. I’m sorry that I missed your call. I’m in the process of moving from my brother’s ASAP because the situation with his wife is unbearable. He’s asked me in many occassions to live with them because he can use the financial help and also he feels supported and with the company of a partner. But I can’t do it. He either divorces her or deals with her but I’m not going to keep subjecting myself to her erratic behavior. But I need money to do so and it won’t come til 9/19. My daughter is here in Miami (from Bogota, Colombia) to have her baby here. This really made my day. Hope to talk to you soon. Don’t promise to do it in the next couple of days because I’m going through hell but I have a feeling this is one of the last hurdles before some piece of mind. Take care.


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