Mass Reaction

This is a long read, but well worth the time. Nadia addresses the real issues for the Gaza resistance. Much of what she says can also be applied to other areas of conflict in this world from Syria to Sudan.

نادية حرحش

“Mass Reactions” How Society Reacts to a Tense Political Situation
IPRA ,25th General Conference

Nadia Harhash
11 August 2014

For the last 20 years, Palestinians went through an intensive “Peace Education Program” that was actually implemented in school programs and extended in the creation of NGO’s that adopted the notion of “Peace Education” as a strategy for funding. I have always called this “Peace Industry Program”, and to satisfy my ego, I can proudly say I was right.

Since Oslo, the Palestinian Educational system was put under a major scrutinizing operation that actually changed it to what satisfied the international conditions of funding.

A major gap that took place in this was the definition of “Peace Education”.
The peace education for someone like me who sees her “Freire” student is majorly different from what has been implemented.

For more than two decades, our children, our society have been injected with…

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