The Last Haiku Mini-Comic – Happy Birthday, Brian


Blue sky meets blue sea

Kiss of snow topped mountains

Love, home, new life starts.

Today is the birthday of Brian C. Payne, my husband, and illustrator of these 52 haikus. He began this project last year, to produce a weekly mini-comic using one of my haikus as the dialogue. So, I applaud this accomplishment and look forward to his new project for this next year.

 To make this week’s last mini-comic follow the instructions below.


1.) Download the image to your computer desktop. 2.) Set your printer to the fill entire paper/borderless setting and use the landscape format to print it on a piece of 8 1/2″ x 11″ paper (preferably colored.) 3.) Watch the tutorial I found on YouTube (see link below,) make sure your folds are straight, all the corners are even, and be extra careful with your cut. Enjoy! How to make a little book

5 Comments on “The Last Haiku Mini-Comic – Happy Birthday, Brian

  1. I wish Brian many more fruitful years. He’s very talented and I look forward to more of his drawings and your haikus of course.

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