#GazaUnderAttack | Debunking Israeli Propaganda!

This is a balanced analysis by a Canadian Group.

Occupied Palestine | فلسطين


 1.  Israel says, “Hamas started the war”

Or “It is all the fault of Hamas, they started it”

Or “Israel is simply responding to the rocket attacks”

Tension between Israel and the Palestinians has existed since even before the UN partition of Palestine in 1947.  Both sides can easily point to some previous incident as an act of incitement, so such tit-for-tat accusations lead nowhere.

In the broader context, however, the international community considers Israel the “occupying power,” which makes Israel much more accountable for the violence from a number of perspectives:

  • First, Israel could easily de-escalate the situation by ceasing some of its repressive activities in Gaza and the West Bank.  Notably, it could cease the blockade of Gaza, or it could cease its “settlement” activity in the West Bank.  Such…

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1 Comments on “#GazaUnderAttack | Debunking Israeli Propaganda!”

  1. One of the myths addressed…Leafleting areas by air with warnings to flee or evacuate as an example of Israel doing everything it can to avoid civilian deaths.

    The advance notices were neither compassionate nor humane but designed to escalate the fear and terror for Gaza’s residents. It’s a psyops technique that the U.S. military used in Iraq to disseminate propaganda and impose their will on the Iraqi people. Leaflets were first used in World War I by Germans over Paris: http://bit.ly/1s84jGZ

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