Buddha Cries for Gaza

Buddha Cries for Gaza

An objective article of  What Led to Gaza’s Bombardment

The Lives of Innocents Taken

How Israelis Teach Their Children to Hate and Kill

A Palestinian Professional in Jerusalem

6 Comments on “Buddha Cries for Gaza”

  1. 6 million Jews died…..then the former U.N in that time was the League of Nations divided in 195something two states of between Israel and palentsine and the next year Israel was attacked between 4(cant´remember now the exacted estatistics, But I can get it for you if you want)countries. Damn, what a shock, ooooo, now we have Hamas launching rockets to Israel civilian population,
    provided by Iran……I can go on for ever.
    Ore you can talk with a Isreali friend of mine that I met her in the U.K at age 17, and she had to do the mandatory military service…why!!! forgot they are surrounded by 5 countries that want to terminate out of the earth Israel……..this country, Israel should be ashemed by taking proactive measures.

    Says an ex soldier. Peace…..that´s when Isreal is whiped out of the map.

    Where do you get your history? says a herooooo! or ex soldier, doing what you never in your life will do, which is to put you life for others, so others might live, and viceversa with all my guys.

    I would even respect you if you would go to those countries and really fight, by speaking out, about what you consider inhumane, or what ever you might think. Instead of sitting home and writing about it you screwed up way of seeing the world.

    Forgot. you know why you can write about this in your comfy chair in your comfy chouse….gesss? Yep, us old and serving soldiers who will protect you. Keep writing about what you don´t know, what you will never experience, and as I see, keep you facts right.

    I wrote too much…..wasn´t worth it with this post, not the entire blog though, but this post, man you have either no idea, or you bend the facts, or maybe just another coward who writes about it.

    Says a heroo!!! or just a simple mind ex military

    Stay cool my friend, keep on with your mixt up crusade.

    Love the poem though. The way you write it that is.

    • Charley, first of all I do not believe any war is justified. When we look at the history of all wars from the beginning of time, violence against others is not justified. As for history, the Palestinian people did not attack Israel. You yourself state four other countries did. The Palestinians were living in that land, alongside Jewish people for hundreds of years. Then beginning after World War 1 masses of Jewish people began to immigrate to Israel. And why, because no place in Europe or the US would accept them. Then in 1948, Britain decides to partition the land these indigenous Palestinian people had lived on for centuries, to take their land away because European Jewish people made a religious claim. Now, you know how this would play in the USA. If some other power, say the UN were to partition the West on the basis of the land that belonged to the Native Americans for thousands of years, based on religious reasons, before Europeans came here. And then Canada and Mexico began a war with the USA to force Americans to give up their land. See, that’s the true history of what happened. And as far as I am concerned no colonialization is justified. Yes, the Jewish people suffered during World War II, but the Palestinians nor any Arab country had anything to do with that. And many millions more black people were killed during the years of the slave trade but whenever we talk of reparations we are laughed at. What upsets me is that people can say a weak rocket launch that barely hurts buildings is the same as missiles that are killing hundreds of children. Furthermore, throughout the history of this struggle Israel has violated peace accords and diminished the amount of land the Palestinians have, and totally control their lives. And I clearly state my position in the poem. I am not really blaming Israel or defending Hamas. I’m saying that people need to recognize we are all the same. People need to honestly acknowledge the ongoing oppression of those without power and the continuing dominance of the world by the military-industrial complex that only sustains itself by keeping people in a state of war.

    • Is the one who shows real courage the one who points the gun or the one who must face the barrel? Israel is a nuclear powerhouse, Gaza is a ghetto. Shoulder fired rockets ≠ F-15 fighter jets.

  2. I’m on the road right now with family so haven’t been able to comment as much as I’d like. Beautiful verse…what the world needs now more than anything is love and compassion…and people with the courage to fight and speak up for it.

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