Reflections of A Person Not From Gaza

This blog shares just a bit of the experience of a people whose land was stolen, who have been maligned, and are once again being bombed.

Pens and Lens: Commentary by Hasheemah

I was sitting in Baladana Ice Cream shop today when the channels switched from MBC’s Bab AlHarra to Falatine’s news broadcast. The TV was muted, and I watched the reporter standing in front of a dark area, lighted here and there. He was standing in front of Gaza and reporting on the airstrikes that have been going on since yesterday. I read the news headline. “19 Martyred from Israeli airstrikes and tens injured.” Jesus. An image of one of the martyrs came up on screen where his body was covered in bloody sheets and his face was smugged with blood. I felt a knot form in my stomach. I stared at the TV screen almost completely absorbed by it until one of the shop owners changed the channel back to MBC which was now showing “Sarayaa Abdeen.”
I walked out of the shop,trying to shake the images out of…

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3 Comments on “Reflections of A Person Not From Gaza”

  1. Thank you for reblogging this info… Something this serious is going on and people are crying over some football match.???? Like seriously, was that worth all the tears on saw on the screen yestrday, when the real stuff’s going on??? Someone else’s crying over a lost relative, mother, a child…
    We need help!

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