A polite Raid .. Amira Hass

This article presents another view of what goes on in Palestine and the questionable actions of the Israeli government and armed forces.

نادية حرحش

By Amira Hass | Jun. 30, 2014 | 9:43 AM | 6


It was a polite raid – compared to the reports on the destruction left behind by Israeli soldiers in the hundreds of homes and institutions they’ve raided over the past two weeks. This time, at the offices of graphics firm Turbo Design, the 10 soldiers involved (including at least one woman) didn’t break anything, cut any cables or overturn tables and cabinets.


“They had a gentlemanly commander,” said the head of the firm, Sani Meo, a Jerusalem resident who pays taxes to the State of Israel. “They only confiscated two servers and five computers,” he told Haaretz late last week, sarcastically. “At least they left the Remington typewriter, which was in the souvenir-and-carpet store my grandfather’s father opened at Jaffa Gate in Jerusalem in 1872.”


The soldiers raided the building, about 100 meters from Ramallah’s…

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1 Comments on “A polite Raid .. Amira Hass”

  1. I”m glad to hear no one was killed in this particular raid. Sadly, the calmness in Nadia’s style doesn’t relieve the anger and frustration the general brutality evokes.

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