Writer’s Cyber Salon

GE DIGITAL CAMERA In addition to sharing your thoughts about the following quote, please let me know which title you think is best – today’s “Writers’ Cyber Salon” or “Scribes’ Cyber Salon.”

“Every secret of a writer’s soul, every experience of his life,

every quality of his mind, is written large in his works.”
Virginia Woolf

6 Comments on “Writer’s Cyber Salon”

  1. That quote seems pretty true. We probably don’t see it as we write, but maybe in our collected works, those patterns are revealed.

    Writers’ Cyber Salon is better. “Scribes” sound too much like people into calligraphy or something. That’s only in my weird mind, but, nevertheless, that’s what I think.

  2. I like the title ‘writer’s cyber salon’ – it has quite a ring to it. I think writing works best when webring something of ourselves to the work. There is something inauthentic about the writing where the author has not invested something of themselves – the words don’t ring true. The reader can often sense this and find the writing to be flat and uninteresting.

  3. Initially, I had the same response as Suzanne about this week’s quote, Skywalker, because I often have to read dull textbooks or academic research. And then I stopped to think about this automatic response more deeply and realized even those works reflect life experiences, soul secrets, and quality of mind. People who have been socialized to hide behind the illusion of academic “objectivity,” actually make a telling statement about their experiences, secrets, and quality of mind.

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