Mama – A Most Beautiful Woman

Mama and baby me

Mama is a most beautiful woman

most beautiful most beautiful

her name an endless refrain

on the shelf of my brain.

How, I longed to be like she.

Tall, fine, soft brown

long hands artists hands

painted many a canvas

musician’s hands

played a nice note.

She carried Eartha’s class

wore Pearl’s elegance

lived her bible – common sense.

Mama remains a most beautiful woman

the feeling will never change.

Big awesome feeling

only Mama can bring.

The inception of my conception

Earth born earth brown earth bred

her stream flows into my river

my river flows into her sea.

My Mama is the most

beautiful woman

in the world to me.


(Eartha Kit – black actress. Pearl Bailey – black singer)



10 Comments on “Mama – A Most Beautiful Woman”

    • Thanks, Carol. I actually wrote the poem about 25 years ago – but the feeling never changes, even though she’s not here physically. I ascribe to the African saying, “As long as a person is remembered they’re never really dead.”

      • I so agree with the proverb’s message, Skywalker. People do live on in our hearts and memories, and perhaps as spirits who are there in times of need.

  1. The poem’s words and lines carry the beauty of history’s story well, even 25 years on it never seems dated inside of memories and moments.

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