Dance Haiku

Dance Picture

Not too old to dance

Drum rhythm moves heart to feet

Movement’s endless joy

(Illustration by Brian Payne)

10 Comments on “Dance Haiku”

    • Thanks, Jeff. I haven’t danced in years – but I was able to participate in an hour long class (see above) and so I do plan never to stop. And to your earlier suggestion, I spent a lot of my life writing about my life and now continue to prefer living my life and leaving it for others to write about. 🙂

    • No, this is just documentation of an experience. I already have over 50 haikus on my new theme, the ultimate wonder. I’ll probably begin posting them soon. Just had to share the joy I felt dancing again.

  1. How terrific to be able to do an hour’s African dancing. That’s so strenuous. I’m glad you feel reborn rather than half dead 🙂 Your haiku really dances along and the illustration is great.

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