Preparing for Life’s End

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I am a member of the generation called the “Baby Boomers.” We were born between 1946 and 1964, a population of over 76 million people. The one thing we all have in common is that each birthday brings us closer to that last great adventure, the end of the line, the ultimate wonder – death. But, of course too many of us who championed rock and roll, survived Viet Nam, integrated America, and contributed to the great consumerism culture are not interested in facing this truth.

Instead, we’re spending millions on staying fit, young looking, healthy, and traveling the world. But not for me, being a nurse, a Buddhist, and writing a book of folklore on death keeps it forefront in my mind. Yes, death can come suddenly and unexpectedly but for most in my generation it will approach in stages over time with signs we can recognize or ignore.

As we plan for every other major event in our lives, we should also plan for the end of our physical lives. Click here Preparing for Life’s End  to download the first in a series of brochures which will help you, or someone you know, prepare for the end of life. In addition to information, this brochure includes a story and poetry.

4 Comments on “Preparing for Life’s End”

  1. You are expressing some profound sentiments here. Like you, I’m a baby boomer. I’m hoping for another 20- 30 years but, as you say, death can happen at anytime. Buddhist philosophy certainly gives a different perspective on death. You are doing invaluable work explaining these ideas to others. I wish you every success with your endeavors.

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