Waves Haiku 73


Wild wall of water

sprinting sea sprays swallow sand

again and again

10 Comments on “Waves Haiku 73”

  1. OK I have been reading your blog for months now and I am sorry but I have to ask..where do you take your pictures? I know it is the words you have created to form the Haiku that matter most to you but some of the pictures touch the soul and I would really like to know.

    • All of these waves photos were taken at Bishop Beach – which is across the street and down a block from where we live. Every Day we can look from our front windows and see the ever changing waves and shoreline. Oh, yes, in Homer, AK.

  2. To hear the music within the sea, its tunes to cold days on a breeze. Awake each morning walking free.

    How I feel between each image, each paring in chosen lines and words.

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