A Perfect Gift

Ultimate Wonder Cover jpeg The Ultimate Wonder, World Stories Illuminating Death is a perfect gift to give to everyone this holiday season, including yourself. How better can we celebrate life  than to recognize its precious ephemerality? From the moment we make our first cry we are moving toward our last sigh. Here, in the USA, death remains a taboo subject. Children are “protected” from the sight or subject. Elders are encouraged to do everything to try to live forever. This behavior only makes what is the natural process of living more difficult than it should be.

This e-book, through engaging, enlightening, and entertaining stories shows that death is a subject that should not be feared or avoided. This is a perfect gift for anyone as e-readers are available for all electronic devices and Amazon has a free Kindle Reader for download. The Ultimate Wonder would also be an excellent addition for anyone you plan to gift with a new electronic toy.

You can purchase The Ultimate Wonder, World Stories Illuminating Death  from  – amazon.com        barnesandnoble.com   ebookstore.sony.com      kobobooks.com       thecopia.com        ebookpie.com

Reviews from readers:

“It’s just superbly written and moving. Insightful and yes she is a storyteller. For a mere four dollars, you offer a lifetime of awareness and insight. Wow. How does it get any better than this? Go get this book. Give copies to friends and families.” Virginia Seno PhD, RN End-of-Life Care and Communication Facilitator, Esse Institute, LLC

“Skywalker’s book embraces life and living, death and dying, grief and grieving, gifts and giving and above all love and loving, purpose, compassion and the wonders of it all!” Laurel Clark Owner Consultant at Witzel Clark Associates, Inc.

“I just finished reading “The Ultimate Wonder” and highly recommend it – Skywalker is a gifted storyteller and in this book, she uses her storytelling gift to share a collection of stories with rich metaphors for reflecting and learning about death …and therefore how to live a good life. The stories are rich in meaning and would be lovely to read aloud to young and old alike.” Whimsical One

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