First Snow in Homer, Alaska


The street we live on

Snow, quiet whiteness

whispers “Yes, winter is  here.”

cold air briskly fresh

Last week, we experienced our first Alaska snow. It started on Thursday morning, was followed with cold rain on Friday, then more thick snow Friday night and Saturday. Although, I bought studded snow tires in September, I haven’t driven in the snow yet. But, Brian and I walked out with cleats on our snow boots Friday afternoon, when the electricity was out for several hours throughout Homer. Oddly enough, today is much warmer and most of the snow on the street and buildings is gone. But, here are photos of our first snowy days, anyway.


Our apartment is the top corner one.


Across the street, view from our balcony.


Bike rider in the snow.


Elderly lady gingerly walks in the street.

7 Comments on “First Snow in Homer, Alaska”

  1. The first photo looks absolutely beautiful but I guess it’s really cold and maybe even a little dreary. Do you see fabulous Northern Lights up there? I dreamt of them last night.

    • Well, it was actually much colder before the snow – snow warms things up a bit – and we’re in southern Alaska so our temps aren’t really too bad – but haven’t seen any Northern Lights yet, maybe one night when it’s not cloudy. Our beautiful water also keeps us pretty cloudy.

  2. No snow at this end of the worlds! You can have all our our snow from te east coast! Nice Pictures!! Make sure you take a picture of that snow man you and Brian are going to build.

    Stay warm!

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