New Views on End of Life

I work as a Labor and Delivery Nurse as well as a Med-Surg nurse. Thus, I get to participate in the two experiences all humans share, being born and dying. Of course, as a Med-Surg nurse, most of the emphasis is on keeping our patients alive, which often means having to administer medicines and to do procedures that are less than comfortable or comforting.

Even before I became a nurse, I knew that there are things worse than death – torture, hunger, intractable pain. Since being a nurse, I’ve seen many more situations worse than death. I recently read an article which describes why many medical doctors have written advance directives refusing any aggressive treatments to prolong their lives when death approaches them Doctors-secret how to die right

The above article along with, The Ultimate Wonder, World Stories lluminating Death , show why we should look at the end of life as a wonder and prepare for it with knowledge, grace, and fearlessness.

Finally, if you are over sixty or have a chronic medical condition,, will prove to be an information goldmine.

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