Fall Fireweed overlooking Kachemak Bay in Homer, Alaska

I wrote this poem a few year’s ago and it’s that time of the year again.


Wind’s cold kiss whispered, “Now it is fall.”

Without reprieve, cold morns, chill nights, it is fall.

Sadness descends deep as the universe.

Feelings of fear enshroud, for it is fall.

The brightest of blue skies these cool days.

Colors like magic seduce in the fall.

Ferociously feasting bugs attack the body.

Their days are numbered, for it is fall.

Longing beyond words for green leaves not to brown

Beauty’s pain heals loves wounds, it is fall.

Relentlessly flowing the waters of time.

as leaves fall from trees, this poet accepts it is fall.

5 Comments on “FALLFIRE – A Poem”

  1. How very true. Your words give a voice to nature as it explains it’s seasonal process. Love it. Thanks for sharing.

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