Diplomacy Not Weapons for Syria


I am a pacifist. I’ve been against war since I was a child living on an Air Force Base. So, I see through the sleight of hand in this latest “limited involvement” in Syria. Innocents are always hurt when missiles fly. Here’s an idea floating around –  Why doesn’t the leader we elected for change take a bold step – an unexpected move — and invite the President of Iran to join with him to bring about a diplomatic resolution to the conflict in Syria? Or at the very least listen to Congresspeople such as Rep. Barbara Lee, from California, who supports  diplomacy over the military option.

The following poem was written a few years ago after reading a report about the billions of dollars involved in U.S. foreign military arms sales.

Weapons to Windmills

Ghazal to the World’s Number One Arms Dealer

“They will beat their swords into plowshares and their spears into pruning hooks. Nation will not take up sword against nation, nor will they train for war anymore.”  Isiah 2:4

Change the weapon into a windmill to build peace.

Let the roar of war machines be still to build peace.

Land of the free must sell weapons for protection,

this defensive posture, too puerile to build peace.

Preferred oil access to vend arms?

Self-interest is not the best mode to build peace.

U.S. wants employment income from missile trade.

Create non-violent mercantile to build peace.

Allies are essential to fight terror’s onslaught.

Criminal states cause too much ill will to build peace.

Aid to African countries is a noble goal.

Millions of guns sold so thousands kill to build peace?

Democracy is freedom’s golden currency.

Sales to countries that torture is swill to build peace.

Wonder why governments perpetuate bloodshed?

It’s too easy to buy many bombs “to build peace.”

Protection of human rights, the paramount goal

Stop the battle cry too volatile to build peace.

End land mine use. Endorse a global treaty for

non-proliferation. Show the will to build peace.

Compassion’s call compels this poet to take a stand,

to act with belief, life’s greatest work, to build peace.

12 Comments on “Diplomacy Not Weapons for Syria”

  1. We need to have another war. How else will the Pentagon continue to justify its insane budget? Besides, look how well the last two wars went.

    Oy. Thanks for speaking up.

  2. If the leaders we “elect” actually worked for us, perhaps, more diplomacy would actually take place. As you know well, they take their marching orders from the bankers and billionaires who call the shots. It doesn’t mean we stop trying…

  3. Here Here [pounding fist to table] what have we become but to allow so many unnecessary losses, unnecessary pain, but to shed painful tears and be in constant mourning…needless, unnecessary. So sad:(

  4. Protecting our right to have a peaceful life starts with showing the rest of the war torn countries our attitude of keeping peace within our families, our schools, churches, cities, counties and states. Set the example.

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