This is a story I wrote in response to a photo prompt. Enjoy.

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Our last official response (by Sept. 5) to this Jean-Daniel Photography photo. Thanks to those who participated! We’re not picky about deadlines, so you can still send a story any time on this or any other prompt or topic of your choosing. Send to 

w23He tried to turn his head but his neck would not move. His right arm felt stuck to the column he leaned against when he tried to lift it. The gaze of his eyes remained fixated on the street even though he wanted to look to the left, to see if he still had the camera. But his eyes would not turn. He lifted his right foot but it did not move. He tried his left and it felt stuck to the sidewalk.  And then he wondered what he was wearing. He knew he had put on a short sleeve T-shirt, below the knees shorts…

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2 Comments on “Captured”

  1. Amazing! Bit by bit the character realized how immobile he was. This is a clever and interesting concept, Sky. Surely I’ll be damned if I should wake up someday to find out that I’ve already been hypnotized.

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