Just a couple of questions to think about.


Hungry for knowledge

hungry for a word

hungry for kindness

hungry for success

hungry for money

hungry for food.

Does hunger direct desire

or does desire direct hunger?

Like a fat cat sitting in the sun

watching a robin in a tree

when will our hunger

be satiated?

10 Comments on “Hunger”

  1. hunger for belonging…good questions posed here. Unfortunately, I have no answers. Just lots more questions.

  2. Desire is a feeling that accompanies an unsatisfied state (hunger). An intricate topic, here. Like Jeff, there are more questions to this than answers.

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  4. What a dilemma. Continual hunger implies a state of dissatisfaction which doesn’t sound like contentment. But no hunger is also unnerving like losing interest in an evolving world. Hope you are enjoying new explorations Rigzen!

  5. Love this post! It does make you think, question a lot. There is also the state we say in French translated: staying on your appetite…you know when you eat and want to not fill up too much…just enough to feel good but there is always a little room for more…I really do like this post!

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