Homer Odyssey – Baker City, Oregon – Haiku 6


Haiku 6 – Winding Roads, Baker City, Oregon

Mountains meander

sharp curving roads do challenge

driving loaded car.

I have been driving for little more than five continuous years and most of that time has been in sparsely populated Indian nations. This journey is presenting me with situations I’ve not encountered before which I suppose, in the long run, will make me a better driver.

4 Comments on “Homer Odyssey – Baker City, Oregon – Haiku 6”

  1. You are protected by the ancestors of all the peoples of the lands that you are crossing over. You have safe passage both you and your husband! Remember and say “God, The MotherFather is in this place!”

  2. Hi SiS! On your driving, just take your time and slow down on those curves with the weight in your car’s trumk.

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