Moving to Alaska’s Cosmic Hamlet by the Sea



Yesterday morning, as I did my yoga, I felt a stab of sadness and loss because we are leaving our spacious three bedroom home in the “center of the universe” Hopiland, to begin a new life in Homer, Alaska, the cosmic hamlet by the sea. Also known as the “end of the road” because the Sterling Highway literally ends when it hits the sea on Homer’s Spit, the second longest spit in the world.  According to wikianswers, “A spit is a landform made by the deposit of (commonly) sand by the movement of tides. One end is attached to the mainland and the other is out in open water.”

And why are we moving to Alaska? The community hospital there wants me to join their team as an OB/Med-Surg nurse. I will be doing exactly the same work I did at the Hopi Health Care Center.

Now we are packing, a very arduous process for two writers, a visual artist, and a storyteller to pare down 15 years of living together creating art and stories, collecting dolls, buying clothes. But, moving to Alaska is a very expensive journey, so we have to let go of a lot of stuff.

We’re also driving over 2,000 miles.  We’ll be leaving Polacca, AZ on July 3rd taking a leisurly drive stopping in Moab and Heber City, Utah; Twin Falls, Idaho; Baker City, Oregon; and Yakima, Wahington. In Bellingham, Washington, on July 12th we’ll catch the Alaska Ferry for a 2 ½ day, three night ride to Haine Alaska, with our car on board. Then we drive about 200 miles through the edge of Canada’s Yukon Territory, and then into Alaska for another 700 miles or so to Homer.

You can actually see the Spit in live time by clicking onto this link – and see what it looks like now compared to the photo above.

19 Comments on “Moving to Alaska’s Cosmic Hamlet by the Sea”

  1. Hello Sky,

    Relocating isn’t that easy. From the little I know about Alaska, its extremity lies to the NW of the US map. And from what you wrote, you guys are going to pass quite a number of cities. Well, I know it all for the best (work inclusive). I sincerely hope that you continue blog.

    • Uzo, we’re moving over 3,000 miles from Arizona. Alaska is on the west side of Canada and closer to Russia than California. It’s almost like moving to another country. Of course, I’ll be blogging all the way.

  2. That’s quite a move, no doubt filling you with many strong emotions. It may not do much to ease your anxieties, but remember that your WordPress community moves with you, and we are glad to provide moral support. You can e-mail, too, if you need to vent.

  3. I always wanted to live in Alaska…even got my teacher certification approved for there but never followed through. Have a Blessed and safe trip…and a good new beginning!

  4. Whoa… that’s quite the view! And I’m reminded of Finisterre, the town at the edge of Spain that was once thought to be the very edge of the world. Hence the name – Finis Terra, “End of the World” in Latin which became Finisterre in Galician Spanish.

    Also, wave as you’re passing through British Columbia. I might hear you as you guys roar up the Alaska highway 😉

  5. How exciting– you both have been to some interesting places since I met you all those years ago, and looks like you’re making another adventurous move! Should make an interesting contrast from the desert; looking forward to your tales during the move and from the new inspiration you find in Homer…

  6. Best wishes to you and your family, I’ve always wanted to visit Alaska, especially Denali. Stay in touch!

  7. It is going to an odyssey and a half, arcing such a vast distance across the surface of the earth. Three thousand miles plus, like going from bottom end of Australia to the top end on the east coast here. Only where your going the cold is a lot different, as is day and night through the seasons. Hope the new job goes well in a new community… To the best of days, and all the others that come in between! Journey well…

  8. Your writing is like grief over flowing! Sadness to leave a home & town you have loved for a while. Now starting a new vast unknown.
    New people will come into your lives & your dear friends in Hopiland will keep in touch. To read of your new adventure to Alaska…to read of your new beginnings.
    You have to get rid of so many things to go far away?
    Is your new place so much smaller?
    I’m sure you will add new things as you settle down once

    • Bridget, thanks for visiting this old post. Makes me smile. It’s good re-reading now and seeing all the blogger friends I had. We’ve totally settled into Homer as our home. Bought the condo we were renting, Brian’s published “Cosmic Hamlet” as a newspaper comic and released a second paper of three stories for Halloween. He’s been anthologized, I’ve performed and am writing. I don’t blog on this site now because my community disappeared as far as comments and didn’t support my books with purchases. I do read your posts every now and then. If you want to see what I’m doing now you can visit my active website or subscribe to my monthly newsletter, Storytelling Savvy here
      Thanks for reading and commenting.

      • Yes, things change, and new energy comes in.. Glad that Cosmic Hamlet is being published as a newspaper comic, and taking advantage of Halloween, and that you are busy performing and writing! Thanks for keeping me up to date with your current situation 🙂

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