Change Coming – and a Poem

I’ve been writing this blog from the Hopi nation for almost two years. I began sharing my oral stories and have evolved into sharing my creative writing, which seems to attract more followers.  But, the winds of change have been blowing daily in Hopiland for over a month and they have blown into my life. Once again my husband, Brian, and I will soon be off to another great adventure. Look to receiving more details soon.

For today, I’m sharing a short poem, based on a photograph I saw, as I’ve never been to Egypt. This was published in an issue of Poetry Iowa several years ago.

Sunset on the River Nile

Gold fades into orange-ebony shades

Night descends gently as mother’s hand

pulling a quilt over naked chests.

Centuries of dreams repose in liquid arms

where tears fall dry as salt on silent sands.

9 Comments on “Change Coming – and a Poem”

  1. The imagery of your poem evoked a mental picture in me of a gorgeous sun-dried land that carries the dreams of its people in its arms.

    Looking forward to hearing about your new adventures!

  2. Wow, Hopi nation? What would you say will stick with you the most once you’re gone? Is it the sun rises over the landscape? The rugged beauty of the land? The sky plump with stars at night? The curious creatures that roam? Keen!

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