The Becoming

I wrote my first poem when I was in third grade. My only book published is a slim poetry chapbook, “I Am That We May Be” published by Third World Press in the seventies. Poetry dances in and out of my life like a seasonal bird. Poetry requires space and time to see and receive the words that can create colorful imagery.

After years of having neither space nor time, a month ago, I began writing poetry daily. The movie Sylvia, in which Gwyneth Paltrow gave a touching and sympathetic portrayal of the poet Sylvia Plath was the catalyst. In my twenties I read Plath’s novel, The Bell Jar, but it did not resonate with me. But, after watching the movie, I went on-line and searched for Plath’s poetry. The one or two I read, hit me like bolts of lightening and poetry continues to flow through me.

I begin with older poems, as the new ones need much work. Today’s poem is different from most of my poetry, and some may say it really isn’t a poem but more a statement. I want to share it because it reflects many thoughts I have seen in other people’s blogs or writings lately and because it speaks of my creative and spiritual base.

I wrote this during my twenties at some point as I traveled between Washington, D.C., Chicago, and Los Angeles when I was experiencing the free life striving to make a living as a writer and performance artist. The title is a quote from a source I did not save and can not now find.

The Becoming which is in the Becoming of All When They Become

Beneath the spirit of the creative genius
sleeps the body of the despairing heart.

Between writers be the word.

Between bodies be touch taste feeling.

Between spirits all is light understanding bliss of sound.

Between creators is the Supreme Creator.

Some stars, sages say, cross each other’s path
but once in eternity. Some are a light’s year
light year apart in distance. Some stars
transit each other’s path periodically.

All energy expands and explodes in its own universe into the all embracing Universal.

Can we be more committed than to say before ALL, “We submit.”?

We submit solely to the One Supreme Creative Force
the All Embracing Light of Universal Love Consciousness.

All that is before us is work that we may be images of perfect creativity.

In the Beginning was no “sell” of Creation.

In the Beginning was the Word manifest in the Way of Light.

Know this
we are committed to becoming Pure Spirits
Balanced in the Hand of the Supreme Juggler.

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