Happy Fire Monkey New Year!

monkey-astrology Drawing from ravencypresswood.com

Today is the Tibetan New Year which I observe as a practitioner of Tibetan Buddhism.

May this new year bring you the fire of compassion and spiritual practice, the monkey playfulness of creativity and service.

JAKE 12:1

Is this the man Jake’s looking for?


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Moose Visit

This was the view from my back window this morning.

Moose Visit

JAKE 11:2

Seems like everyone has a smart answer for Jake.


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JAKE 10:2

Who is the man in the mask?


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JAKE 10:1

Will someone give Jake a call?


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Magnificent Endeavors

65 Birthday HaikuPhoto by Skywalker Payne

On New Year’s Day, a friend sent me a joyful video of a small deer dancing in waves. It ran with grace and agility through high rolling water. As I watched it, I felt a glorious sense of freedom and abandon, an uplifting way to begin the year.

Yesterday, I received a sterling silver ring made by another friend. It’s a lotus and fits my thumb. Today, January 6, 2016 my 65th birthday, I feel like I am indeed a lotus rising from mud bursting into full bloom. Because this year’s theme is all about me – magnificent endeavors.

I began posting audio stories on this blog three years ago. In this time, I’ve posted over 700 blogs — poetry, videos, essays, stories, reviews, and interviews. Over 800 people follow Skywalker Storyteller Works but it failed to create the engagement I sought. A handful of you have consistently supported and encouraged my efforts with your comments and likes. I thank you from my heart.

Now, though, it’s time for me to move on. Although I will not completely end this blog, my postings will be minimal. I’ll continue to share my husband’s ongoing Zinc Comics story weekly.  But, I must decrease the time I spend writing new posts and reading other blogs. This year, I go into business for myself, while still working full-time, and it requires all of my “spare” time and energy.

I’ll be writing and publishing more books for you to buy and read, copywriting, storytelling, and offering courses.

Your support and kind words have kept me going. I look forward to seeing your name at my business website, Skywalker Payne.com, and exploring magnificent endeavors with you.


New Year Wishes

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As this year comes to an end I send you wishes of joy, happiness, fulfillment, and peace.

May you live in the moment with awareness and gratitude.

May you find strength and courage to face all challenges and unexpected events.

May your heart continue to open with love, compassion, kindness, and patience.

If you’re planning to do a year-end review, read my Linkedin article,  7 Questions for Your Year-end Review or just Click Here for your Year-end Review Packet.

Photo – by pjmedia.com



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