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Art and poetry in collaboration.

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Reflections in art and poetry.

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What You’ve Been Waiting For!

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Our dreams are what make life worth living. Today I fulfill a long-time dream. I launch, not only my small product, but also the business Skywalker Storyteller Works.

As mentioned in earlier blogs, I’ve participated in Gumroad’s Small Product Launch Lab for the past 10 days. This lab has been an educational experience and is also a contest. To stay in the running, I need to make some sales today and tomorrow.

The small product I am launching today is The Personal Pyramid – A Guide to Inner Fulfillment with the free bonus, my novella, A Still Point. I have also revised and expanded The Gratitude 100 Journal to include the one hundred gratitude questions with spaces to write answers.

I know most of you who read this blog have achieved inner fulfillment – but you might be curious to see the approach I’ve created and you may know someone who could benefit from it. And you or someone you know would appreciate receiving the Gratitude Journal.

Both of these products are Pay What You Want. I list a minimum price, and a suggested price. You may pay the minimum or suggested price or more to help me establish a solid financial base for this business.

Whatever help you can provide, from reblogging to making a purchase, strengthens the feathers of this bird beginning to fly. Please join me HERE.

Joy and Expectation


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What’s your morning ritual to prepare for the day before you jump out of bed?

Years ago, I began doing two stretches for my back and legs to relieve soreness before I got up. Later, I learned a simple Buddhist prayer to say as a blessing and protection for the day. And sometime in the past couple of years I began purposely making myself smile before I leave the bed.

That smile helps relieve any tension or stress I may be holding about what may unfold in the day ahead. Invariably a smile does create a sense of joy and pleasant expectation.

Over the past year of concentrated effort and education to start an online business, these two senses have grown. Yes, I am still in a constant state of “when will it happen.” And my e-mail list is abysmally small.

But my vision is as vast as the universe and I feel my wings are strong as the eagles soaring over the beautiful blue bay I look upon every day.

On Wednesday, June 24, I will officially go into business with a product for sale. I’m participating in Gumroad‘s Small Product Launch. Serendipitously, this contest appeared a few days after I wrote down my goal to offer a product for sale before this summer ends.

The products I offer directly address those questions of What am I Really Living For?

So, tell me what makes you awaken with joy and expectation?

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What are we REALLY Living For?

kids-playing-and-jumping-vector-459837-1Before we open our eyes and jump out of bed, do we pause to think of what we have ahead for the day? Do we smile? Or just pull up the covers and snuggle back into bed getting up at the last minute possible?

Do we remember those games we used to play of what we wanted to do when we finally “grew up?”

Have we realized any of those childhood dreams? Or are we still trying to get to them? Are we waiting until we earn enough money? Retire? Get that raise? Find the right woman? Or get that next degree?

Can we answer these questions?

  • What is my purpose in life?
  • Why am I working?
  • Am I fulfilling my fondest dreams?
  • Does seeing another sunrise fill me with joy and expectation?

These are questions to think about. Spend some time pondering them.

Next week we’ll look at some ways to answer them.

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Summer reflections. Enjoy.

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Writing a Book – Step 3 – Editorial Advice

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Writers are a sensitive lot. Some of us crawl up in our holes and burrow in like scared rabbits after a rejection. At least that’s what I’ve done most of my life. Fortunately, self-publication has become a recognized option with the boom of e-books. So, I’ve published two books.

I want my next book to sale, so I invested in the services of a professional editor. Because this book was not the usual format, I sought the advice of a developmental editor first. A developmental editor provides practical advice on what works and what doesn’t work in the manuscript. I used the online service, Reedsy because it’s easy to use, free for authors, and provides a wide selection of experienced editors and book designers.

After describing my needs, I was presented a list of over 50 editors. Reedsy allows writers to select five editors at one time to make offers. I sent each editor a description of my book and an excerpt. I received three proposals, two kindly said they were too busy. I rejected the costliest proposal of $1,500.00 because the editor did not describe what services she would provide. A second offer was interesting but the editor graded manuscripts, my ego wasn’t up to receiving a C or D.

Instead, I chose an experienced editor, Lourdes Venard.  Her website featured several glowing endorsements and she made an affordable offer. I sent her my first edit manuscript. In two weeks she returned not only a detailed five page letter but annotated comments in the manuscript.

Her suggestions were objective and supportive. She pointed out the strong and interesting points of my manuscript and those passages that would not hold a reader’s interest.

In general, you have an engaging, warm style, and it is obvious that you are a strong writer.

Her above words keep me getting up at five a.m. to continue my work. It isn’t easy. Every day presents challenges and decisions. But, I’m doing a work I love and that’s all that matters.

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Pensive moment of poetry. Enjoy.

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Creative collaboration continues with play. Enjoy.

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