The Talking Skull

This week I tell an African story, which comes in different versions, however the message is always the same. It’s one I need to remember, and one that serves everyone well. Enjoy. Just click on the link below to hear story.

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Continuity of Consciousness – A Birthday Story

One summer day, when I was ten years old, I thought, “I always was and always will be.” I found comfort and support in that thought, but immediately remembered  the Catholic Church teaches that only God has no beginning and no end. Although I could not resolve what appeared to be a contradiction to  Catholic […]

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Reflections on a Year of Gratitude

The old analogy of some people seeing the glass half full while others see it half empty can also be applied to how some people will reflect on 2011. Some will see this as a year of betrayed promises leading to despair, others will see this as a year of small successes with positive growth […]

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