Two Holiday Stories

As the snow falls here in Northern Arizona that holiday feeling wraps with warmth. Today I share with you two of  my favorite holiday stories for your listening enjoyment as you sit around the fireplace or relax on the couch. Just click on the link below and turn your volume high.

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I didn’t celebrate Christmas for many years, after I left my parent’s home, until I moved in with Brian, my husband. We never bought a big tree, like his family, but we had fun finding perfect little gifts to pile under our small tree. The tiny wooden carving of an African dancer he gave me […]

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Thanksgiving Memory

   Mama and her girls Of the family holidays, Thanksgiving remains my favorite. Despite the contradictions involved in the origination of this holiday, the idea of giving thanks for blessings is a good observance. And for me, it was a celebration of the feast my mother always cooked. This following story is my most vivid Thanksgiving […]

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