Writing a Book – Step 2 – First Revision

In Value of a Daily Writing Habit I described the first step of writing a book, set a goal and write daily. I wrote 1,000 words a day for eight weeks. When I completed a manuscript of 57,600 words, I felt like a sculpturer with the raw shape of my work before me. In the past three weeks, I read […]

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Free Book Offer

OCEAN OF KNOWLEDGE His Holiness Shenphen Dawa Rinpoche gave me the name Rigzen Chomo which means Feminine Ocean Holding Great Knowledge. Rinpoche did not lightly give me this name. He knew  that my love of learning  would lead to knowledge in many areas. This blog is one way I share knowledge.  For me knowledge is […]

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Illimitable Beauty

Magic happened when I saw my writing in publication, even if it’s just a Kindle Singles. I have a published work. Maybe I’m just one of thousands of Amazon writers, but I can say I have a book for sale. The magic is like fairy dust sprinkled over me making me feel golden and light. […]

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