Storytelling and Condolences

This evening, I perform my debut storytelling here in Homer, Alaska, my first paid performance in over seven years. Just wanted to share the flier with you. I will post a few stories here, for your listening and viewing pleasure, between tomorrow and New Years. Til then, let’s give condolences, and prayers, for the families of the children murdered in […]

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Make Haiku Mini-Comic 21

Follow the instructions below and click here mini-comic to make your own haiku mini-comic illustrated by artist Brian Payne. HOW TO MAKE YOUR VERY OWN ZCW MINICOMIC 1.) Download the image to your computer desktop. 2.) Set your printer to the fill entire paper/borderless setting and use the landscape format to print it on a piece of […]

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Storytelling CD Holiday Sale In the most ancient of times, when the heavenly gods and goddesses descend to earth, the Mother of Rain, finds her mate in a wise Zulu warrior.  And in the land to the west when the Osage people seek to choose their symbol, the Sky Clan Chooses Spider who weaves webs […]

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