One hundred billion universes The comforting hand of sleep Answers to life’s big questions Between lines of poetry In the morning sunrise Inspiration flows One hundred billion universes Small the heart beating Seeking solace in this vast space Sage spiritualists say Love is all there is A speck in this void Of timelessness

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Alaska Native Doll Art

Dolls preserve culture Daily life, ceremony Ageless perfection All of these dolls were in a large case on the third floor Dolls are made from ivory, fur, animal hides and skins, and cloth

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Alaska Native Art

Masks hold memory Spirits animals protect Healing strength of art I’m in Anchorage for a two day training related to my job. I visited the Alaska Native Medical Center and spent an hour mesmerized by it’s extensive collection of Alaska Native art work.  These are just a few masks. More art work to come. Enjoy.

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