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Vulnerability, an Essential Element of Good Storytelling

(Follows is the second of a series of guest blogs I’ve written for Juan Rodriguez’s Blog, Haki Storytelling, with his introduction and title.)  I said, one of the main purposes of storytelling is to tune in to people in our own personal or corporate way. Make them understand what we are and what is our position […]

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Recalling a Girlhood Idol – Nellie Bly

Before I learned about Lorraine Hansberry, Zora Neale Hurston, and Bessie Coleman I read about Nellie Bly. I was a ten year old black girl living in a pastel colored wooden  shot-gun house on an un-paved street in Panama City, Florida when I read about this adventurous, outspoken, writing woman. Today, Google Doodles honors her […]

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