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OCEAN OF KNOWLEDGE His Holiness Shenphen Dawa Rinpoche gave me the name Rigzen Chomo which means Feminine Ocean Holding Great Knowledge. Rinpoche did not lightly give me this name. He knew  that my love of learning  would lead to knowledge in many areas. This blog is one way I share knowledge.  For me knowledge is […]

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Introducing The Ultimate Wonder

I wrote The Ultimate Wonder, World Stories Illuminating Death, as a result of my series of audio stories. My goal is to share these stories with everyone in order for death to be seen as the last wonder of life rather than as the grim reaper. This is an e-book available on all of the […]

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The Unspeakable Subject

         Looking out the attic window, the eight year old girl wondered what would happen if she jumped. Would she fly off through the sky free as a bird or would she plummet to the ground like a stone and shatter into a thousand pieces. Would those pieces still be her? Would […]

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